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Meet the founder and creator of
Selah Vie Ministries
Rachel Profitt

Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m so thankful the Lord has led you to this post and the handle of Selah Vie Ministry. Here’s some background: I’m a Mama of 5- 3 in glory, 2 in my arms. Married to my soulmate Steven, we live on 10 secluded acres in the PNW. In a town where there is no womens ministry, my heart felt tugged from God to begin one. By stepping forward in obedience, His blueprints fell from heaven and Selah Vie Ministry was born.

The Holy Spirit dwelled among us at the first Selah Vie gathering, and every gathering after that. There we were, cherishing time together… real, face-to-face. Women saying what they wanted to say because they were never given the chance. We were honoring each other, which is what the Word of God says to do. We came together, beautifully broken, sharing our strengths and weaknesses, encouraging one another, validated only by Jesus.

Being part of a ministry, belonging to church, and coming together in fellowship is something we hunger for and deeply need. We live in a world where women are far too good at hurting each other, whether it’d be comparison, jealousy, low self-esteem, exclusion, judgment, or “church-hurt”. Now is our opportunity to heal and pour into one another, with Jesus at the center. We need each other, and this is something all women need everywhere.

You, too, can join our ministry, whether you’re a local along the Oregon coast, or participating from your very own living room anywhere in the world! Selah Vie Ministry provides you with connection, community, resources, and tangible materials so that you, too, can host gatherings for women in your area. For more information, follow along, like our Facebook page (@selahvieministry), and e-mail 💌

Thank you, again, for visiting, reading, and being open to what God may have plannned for your future and this ministry. You are welcome here. 🙏🏼💕

Your sister in Christ,
Rachel Profitt
Founder + Creator of Selah Vie Ministry

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