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What women are saying about Selah Vie

Testimony from Leah M.

What Selah Vie means to me?

Family, Friendship, Sisterhood.

What Selah Vie has done for me?

Built a sense of community and helped me tear down my walls and open up. It has helped me to embrace and deepen my relationships and friendships. And has built a group of cheerleaders and support around me.


What has God done in my life because of Selah vie?

Reduced the feeling of isolation, helped in healing the feelings of being overwhelmed, depressed, and a failure.


How was it to be honored?

It was really great to hear what others have to say. Things that have changed in their life because of my presence when I may have felt like they could care less about me-or feeling unwanted.

How was it to honor a woman?

Scary at first 

It’s best to plan ahead and take time to honor someone and maybe share a short story about them if you have one. I love hearing from all the ladies sharing about how their friendships have grown. I love speaking Gods live and light and Hope over other women.


Why women need to be part of Selah vie?

Take a chance! Step out and In to greatness! Fellowship brings life to many/to me!

Finding a group of ladies to grow with is life changing. Truly a blessing. I pray all women can experience the sense of family and belonging I have found with Selah vie. Thank you Rachel! And all who have made it possible!

Testimony from Sherri P.


Being a very shy and private person I have had to open up and discuss my feelings of life and God. I have been able to share my thoughts on women who mean something to me and hopefully lift them up as they have done for me. But the things I have like the most is actually reading and finding that just write a scripture for them. Although there are times that I struggle hard, I truly believe I need this group.

Testimony from Laurie W.


I love getting to know godly women that I would otherwise not know or talk to. I enjoy hearing where the other women are at in their lives and their walk with God and hopefully being of some encouragement to them. I love the release I feel when I drowned my problem and then I replace it with His promise! The letter writing and the finding of scriptures is so many feelings at once, but it really takes me to, “ where she is,“ and “what she needs to hear.”

Testimony of Mindy N.


Selah Vie has helped me come out of my shell. And for me a little by little is a lot! I never prayed out loud before joining now I do sometimes and I am getting better at offering prayers for my friends. I still don’t like to talk in front of people but I do know more than before. It’s been great to get to know lovely women of God which are all so incredibly different and interesting. I love the promise board and how the Holy Spirit fills the room every time we gather! May we all continue to grow as women and of children of God!

Testimony from Angela M


Selah vie to me......


I believe this is what the body of Christ is too look like. We are to uplift each other and pray for one another.

I was already in a very good place with my spiritual life, Gods timing. I was lacking something though. I knew He wanted me to lead others. I knew He wanted me to be an intercessory prayer. I just didn't know what it looked like.

Then selah vie was started. I got to do my fav things! I got to uplift my sisters in Christ while also praying for their direct prayer needs. I got to help these women see what I could see but they could not.

Then it was my turn to be honored. I was humbled by the way Jesus had used me in these ladies lives. I had NO idea! I am seen as a leader. People do look to me for help. It is not all in my head. I am not selfish, I am caring and giving

In God's perfect time my business started to suffer due to finances. I got to come to these ladies and ask for prayer. Prayer for something I would not usually consider asking for prayer because its money not something more dire.

I again was blessed. I was given knowledge from other business owning women. I was blessed with prayers over me and my family AND my shop.

Selah vie help direct me on the path that He truly wants me on. Selah vie helped ignite the light I was not sure was from the Lord or myself.

I am a child of the MOST HIGH GOD! I am beautiful to behold and I do have something to share!!

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